Hub Security Developing artificial intelligence for winning business applications

Hub Security, an international company that creates and develops artificial intelligence products for startups and companies all over the world.

Maximizing profits through artificial intelligence


Provide enhanced service experiences through customer communication automation that provides a fast and efficient response around the clock

Chat bots

Build chat bots and smart and efficient communication management systems in a variety of channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and websites.
Hub Security AI

Computer vision

Create insights and make decisions through video or image analysis

מכונה לומדת

מקסום ביצועים באמצעות Machine Learning אשר לומד מתהליכים ומייצר המלצות בהתאמות למנעד רחב של דאטה

Business-Products Process Characterization for launch


User research


Characterization and architecture


End-to-end software development


Continued improvement and maintenance

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