And meanwhile in the real world: four artificial intelligence scientists have left Meta

According to a CNBC report, four leading AI researchers have left the company in recent months: “London’s meta office just collapsed, and they lost most of their senior scientists in six weeks’ time.”

At least four key members of Meta’s artificial intelligence department have left the company in recent months, according to people close to the company. These are four scientists who have published dozens of studies in reputable journals to date, and have been responsible for several breakthroughs that Meta has used to bolster Facebook and Instagram.

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Earl Herman, an AI entrepreneur who worked for meta competitor DeepMind, said the real number could even reach six, adding that the company’s AI lab in London had seen an alarming number of departures. “Meta’s London office just collapsed, and they lost most of their senior scientists over the course of six weeks,” he said. Neil Lawrence, a professor of machine learning at the University of Cambridge, told CNBC that he was not surprised: “Mark Zuckerberg went completely into meta … but they did not invest properly in anything in London in the first place,” he said.

Those who left the company include Edward Grafenstadt, a scientist who led Meta’s efforts in the field of AI known as reinforcement learning, and left in February. Heinrich Kotler, one of the engineering directors of the company’s research department, has left in recent weeks to join Inflection AI – a start-up company founded by Defined founder Mustafa Suleiman, and billionaire Ride Hoffman.

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Ahmed Birami also left his post in January, joining Google in the same post. And in December last year, Dava Kila left the company, after working for the company for five years, and now serves as the head of research for the artificial intelligence startup Hugging Face. Meta’s chief AI scientist, Jan Le Con, who co-founded Meta’s AI lab in 2013, told CNBC: “People’s interests change over time, and they keep moving on.”